Just to be liked…

Happy Wednesday fellas! Yesterday I watched the documentary Miss Americana on Netflix, which is a documentary based on Taylor Swift’s life and the struggles with public exposure. Personally I like some of the songs of Taylor Swift, but I really didn’t follow the whole story. I am not going to write a review for the movie, but this documentary caused me to think about the exposure of every day life people and the tendecity of the need of being liked and perfect.

It’s a lie to assume that people don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I mean let’s be realistic, all that scientific facts about the attraction based on smell, or genes or bone structure, of course it’s real, but we forget something extremely important, the society role models. All the exposure that an average person gets from magazines, social media or the behavior of other people, towards someone, who looks like the “acceptable” social model of the season, is huge, and as a result it has an important impact in each and every one of us. There are people, who care less about that, and people who obsess about it, but we all do care. The fact is that as innocent as it seems, checking constantly the pics of your favorite artist, model or even yourself, can lead to depression and to the feeling that you are never good enough.

The majority of people struggle to be perfect. What is perfect really? Who defines perfect? Perfect in the 50’s meant a successful man, who cares for his family and a “perfect” house wife, who raised good children. Society defines perfect, with trends that change. How can people are supposed to keep up with that, and most importantly, why should they keep up? How sad can it be for a person, when he/she gets millions of followers or likes, which mean nothing more that a double tap or a click on screen, and gets all their social joy from that? Social media are supposed to be fun and a way to communicate, not define your image, behavior and turn down any physical form of communication.

“I was starving myself, to be liked”. This was one of the most powerful lines that touched me in the whole documentary. A billion dollar singer couldn’t “invest ” her money in a burrito. The fact that, when you stomach is growling and you feel like you are going to pass out, makes you feel like you are doing something right, is completely wrong. And I want to take a moment here and say that women are more impacted from all these social models. Women are the most profitable part of the population, when it comes to consumption, it that a coincidence? And since when a women doesn’t try to be perfect? Perfect mother, perfect girlfriend, perfect body, why? With all that education we get, we need to learn to filter better the information that we get from exposure. Life is not all about being liked by everyone, but by yourself. I t takes a lot to realize that, it’s ok not to like yourself every day, all day. It’s ok to try to improve things for the better. But it’s definitely not ok to put yourself in danger physical or psychological, just to be liked.

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