Regarding Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s day everybody! I want to dedicate this post to one of the most controversial festive days. I believe that there are many people, who get crazy over Valentine’s feeling obligated and want to show their love, through all these cliches and some who absolutely hate this day or don’t even care about it.

To tell you the truth, I hate the fact that this day may remind to everyone, who is single, that they are, that’s nasty really. But if you consider the pressure couples go through this “holiday”, you might start considering yourself lucky, if you are single. Flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, rose petals, fancy dinners and or ever marriage proposals. The pressure of “getting something” for your other half, is really over the top. I used to be extremely negative, regarding this day. It’s true that it’s an ode to consumption once more, but this isn’t necessarily true, is it? I mean it wouldn’t kill you to cook something for your other half, light up some candles or just get his/her favorite candy bar, while you do groceries. I think this day becomes so materialist, only if you allow it to be.

I used to hate Valentine’s day, but now I really applaud the people, who are forgetful in their nature or extremely shy and use this day as leverage to express their feelings. Let’s face it, women usually wait to get gifts from boyfriends, husbands etc. You may think this is wrong, but if you are not very expressive or appreciative towards your wife/girlfriend, you may want to use this day to show her that you are. It’s a cliche but you know what? Everyone feels happier, when someone offers them a rose, a dessert, a night out. It’s fact so why not do it? It’s a cliche, sure, but who cares, if you can make someone feel good?

I am going to tell you the real reason why I love Valentine’s day so much! Fresh desserts everywhere! Due to the heart shaped desserts on every bakery this day, you know it’s gonna be fresh and smooth. So single or not, and especially if you are a sweet tooth, this is your day, embrace it, eat make your self and others happy. All I am trying to say is think the thought behind each present or action on Valentine’s day, it doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant but even the meanest bitch or a hardcore macho man will feel good and appreciated, with whatever you choose to offer them (even if the won’t show). Have a great day everyone and a happy weekend!

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