Latin parties-review

It’s Friyay, yeahy! Happy day everyone! Isn’t it insane how Friday boosts your mood? (Considering of course that you are not working at weekends). Yesterday was a really looonggg day for me. Work, trampoline practice and dancing, lot’s of dancing.

Go to Latin parties people! I started Latin and salsa lesson this October and I must confess, I am very excited about it already. My dance school started organizing parties every Thursday in a bar, not so far in driving distance from my house. So yesterday after my reggaeton and contemporary dance lessons, which ended around 23:30, I picked up my pieces and went there. It was really a challenge and since it was a costume party, I am pretty proud of myself, that I was able to draw little ladybugs on my face (I went as a ladybug). I LOVED IT! Honestly, knowing or not knowing how to dance, it’s still a magical place to be. I find it extremely interesting being able to dance to great music, watching other people dancing, while drinking your beer and work out at the same time! How amazing is that? Not to mention that I loved the fact, that it’s close to home and that it was like a private dance school party. I knew most of the people there, since we take classes together. The opportunity that you get to dance with your instructors is very important, since it makes you love the dance even more! And if you are shy, there are a lots of easy “group” choreos between songs, which are always the same, so you can only participate to that, if you want to. Plus I didn’t want to believe it, but it’s so true, what everybody says, “You will not be able to learn how to dance, if you don’t attend parties”. Believe me I try my best to practice the moves at home and be prepared for every lesson, but this alone can’t make you perfect. Even watching your teacher on the dancefloor can make you understand, how to place your body properly or learn new moves.

I also feel obligated to mention the “awkwardness”, that might come up, while dancing with different partners. I didn’t feel that at all, since I knew everybody, but I get, how it can be. It’s partially true that people usually go to these parties to meet other people, socialize and get better at dancing obviously. I think for salsa and latin dances, it’s ok with no matter who you dance with. Regarding bachata and kizzomba, I think it’s very important to feel comfortable with the person, you are dancing. If not you can always use the excuse of some sort of injury and abstain a bit. For instance, my boyfriend, I think, he’s terrified of these parties. He thinks that men have the opportunity to make a move on women and that’s why they attend. I strongly believe that, that depends on the person. For instance me, I don’t get uncomfortable too easily, because I know, it’s just a dance. I am practically married, so even if and when someone tried to make a move on me, it really wouldn’t matter. Try to figure out your limits and everything will be ok. It saddens me deeply, that he doesn’t come with me to these things. I genuinely believe that he would have been great at dancing and that he would have so much fun. Because in the end, that’s what is all about it, having fun!

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